When I wrote this draft, I was still locked into the idea that it was entirely up to me what happened with this work. It is written with the intention to fully articulate my vision of the extensive implications of the work to the world we live in. Sprinkled throughout the text are references to those as-yet unwritten perspectives.

Thankfully, through some deep Feelingwork over the winter of 2020, I've shed that restriction. Now, I am excited to find out how I might involve others, and I am happy to work toward publishing this manual of Feelingwork as the foundation for what is to come. Over the coming months I will edit the draft for this purpose and design it for publication, with the intention of publishing it myself. Please consider offering your feedback so that I can make the book as useful as I possibly can.

Taking a step back from the text itself, I must admit that I have reached the limit of how far I can develop this work by myself. For it to move forward requires yours and others' involvement. Thankfully, I believe that I have brought the work to the point where it can serve as a stable foundation for all of us to move forward with that intention. What is here is sufficient to catalyze efforts in many different directions.

Among those I envision are the following. (I imagine there will be more.)

  • The science of consciousness: How can we apply this new discipline of precise observation of subjective experience? What can we learn when interfacing this discipline with the existing fields of cognitive science and neuroscience? What other directions could it serve?
  • Education and child development: How can we apply this work to cultivating health, well-being, and wholeness in every child?
  • Psychotherapy and personal development: How can we apply this work to transforming suffering into wholeness?
  • Technology: What opportunities does this work open up for serving people through technology platforms? What does it suggest for further development of AI?
  • Community development: What possibilities might this work open up for resolving conflict and enhancing the wellness of communities everywhere?
  • Philosophy: What does this work mean for our concepts of human nature, consciousness, morality and others?
  • Politics and Economics: What light does this work shed on the existing toxicity of current systems, and how we might intervene to create a more healthy world?

The list goes on. What is your passion? What does this work mean to you? What opportunities do you see for yourself in advancing the causes you care most about?

I invite you to gather with others who also see the value in this work.

What can we learn from each other? What can we discover and develop together? How might we join with others to create new pulses of creative effort?

Please consider adding your name to the email newsletter list anywhere on this website. I will keep in touch as this site grows, and as opportunities emerge and take shape.

When the time is right, I will open a learning and practice community.

  • We will start small. We will meet live. We will share our thoughts and inspire one another.
  • We will learn and practice the basics together, doing Feelingwork, exploring our interpretations of our experience, discussing the bigger perspectives.
  • We will self-organize in special interest groups to explore specific topics or activities together. Among those will be the development of specific applications for Feelingwork, the exploration of specific implications for the discoveries of feelingmind, and the design of new inquiries into this new reality and how to best engage it.
  • We will support one another in this edge-walking endeavor. There are unknown challenges in store for every one of us, and we will meet those challenges together.
  • We will build an online home to connect our members around the world. We will collaborate to create our norms, agreements, and practices in such a way as to support the highest good for all of us.

What do you think? Are you in?

Would you like to be part of this?

I invite you to become part of a nascent community of people thinking about what this work means and how to apply it, even as they enjoy the benefits of applying it directly in their own lives.

At this early point, “community” means a hub-and-spoke wheel of relationships around me and this website. I will send out occasional newsletters to a small list, and invite you to one-on-one or small-group conversations to share more about the work and invite your input about what you would like to see in the next phase.

Please consider getting involved in this early phase by signing up below for my newsletter. Let me know if there is something more you would like to discuss personally, and I’ll respond to you directly.

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