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8. Disclaimer

Be Careful!

The Feelingwork Practice is powerful in unprecedented ways. It is based on the discovery of feelingmind, the existence of which which falls outside conventional, professional, academic, spiritual, or historic thinking. By engaging with the Feelingwork Solo Online Practice series, you are entering uncharted territory. You will experience things that have no explanation from the perspective of existing knowledge. You will become a pioneer of this new dimension, feelingmind.

Pioneering comes with considerable risks, most of which are unknown. By engaging with the Feelingwork Solo Online Practice series, you agree to take full responsibility for your well-being. I, Joe Shirley, creator of this series, will do my best to guide you well. But your experience will be utterly unique, and my availability to support you is limited. I am but one person. There will be times when you are fully and completely alone in navigating your personal terrain.

If you are coming from a history of being treated for mental health issues, you must recognize that the world of professional mental health support is very, very different from the world that opens through Feelingwork. At the same time, to the extent that you have become dependent upon mental health support professionals for your well-being, you must agree to maintain your relationship with the professionals from whom you receive your care. There is no information available here about how to manage medications, for example, and it is imperative that you continue to rely on those who have committed their lives to this expertise to support you, even as you begin to explore this new realm. You are choosing to walk simultaneously in two worlds, and you agree to take full responsibility for navigating between them.

It is very important that you also access the genuine human support of family, friends, and others who are walking your path. By signing up to use the Feelingwork Solo Online Practice series, you commit to cultivating your personal support network as your highest priority, alongside any professional support you receive, and to use Feelingwork as a secondary practice only.

By continuing to sign up, you agree to all these things.


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