Now, before we start, I want to acknowledge this part of you. It took on this feeling at some point in your life to support you, to signal you that something was out of balance. You're going to interact with the image of this feeling state. And as you do, the feeling is going to change.

I want to reassure this part of you that it's safe to move. In moving this feeling, we're going to be adding to its repertoire, not taking anything away. So if it ever needs to signal you again in just this way, it can do that. Because it's safe to move, you might as well go for it. What could this part of you feel in a perfect world, where all your needs are met fully and completely, exactly the way you want them to be?

We are going for the ideal here, the optimal state that is possible for this part of you, as a way of reconnecting with this part's north star, so that it can guide you more reliably toward a thriving life.

Finally, this feeling state is interconnected with others. I would like to invite these other parts of you to participate in this process passively, as witnesses only, learning from this process what is possible for every part of you. At the same time, if another feeling state comes strongly into the foreground, you might want to shift your attention to mapping it if necessary, and moving it before returning to work on this state. That's always an option.

Now, in this moment, in the spirit of exploration of what's possible in a perfect world, let's get started.

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